SNEWS Alert Mailing List Sign Up

If you're interested in being notified about the occurrence of a neutrino burst from SNEWS, please click here to sign up.

!Amateur astronomers - Please look here to sign up for Sky and Telescope's AstroAlert service.


Should we issue a supernova alarm, it will be signed with this PGP key, so you can be assured that it's really coming from us.

If you get a message not properly signed with this key, then it is not from us and should be ignored and we should be informed!

Here are some HOWTO's for signature verification on various email clients. See, for instance the GNU Privacy Guard site for an open-source solution to email signatures, or the PGP site for the commercial (but free for personal use) solution. The SNEWS key is also on the worldwide PGP key server so your properly configured software can check it automatically.

(Note that AstroAlert messages are not signed with this key, only direct SNEWS alerts; Sky and Telescope receives the direct SNEWS alert and will do the checking before sending an AstroAlert message.)